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Nature Ten Whole Grains Cereals 十穀胚芽米
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Brand Multi Grains Drink 谷类饮品
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Attention: Place inside airtight vessel or seal the packaging after opening. Place in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

According to Dr. Majken Jensen and fellow professionals at the Harvard School of Public Health analyzed diet and health record of over 27,000 men aged 40-75, over 14 years, and found that those, with the highest, whole grain intake (about 40g per doze) cut heart diseases risk by almost 20%. In addition, many researches also support whole grains high in antioxidant, help you weigh less, reduce diabetes risk, cut heart diseases risk and lower obesity risk.


十穀米以被公認為促進健康的重要營養素 ,黑王十穀是根據近年來在日本及韓國憎侶廣為流傳的秘方改良而成 ,給于人們均衡的營養及解毒作用 。根據DR.MAJKEN JENSEN在哈佛大學公共健康學院的實驗,是以27,000男士平均年齡從40歲到70歲 ,超過14年吃穀類的經驗 ,實驗發現每天吃40克穀類能減少20%心臟疾病的發生 。同時 ,許多實驗都支持吃穀類可以減肥 ,也能減少肥胖 ,糖尿病的風險 。“黑王十穀”含有豐富的維他命 ,礦物質 , 酵素等 ,是現代人的營養之原 。

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