Organic Millet Milk 有机小米奶
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Brand Multi Grains Drink 谷类饮品
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Organic Millet Milk Drink rich in Amino acids which help in growth. The Benefit Of Organic Millet Milk rich in protein, suitable for every family, especially for pregnant woman and elder, replesh of the nutrition and improve immune system.  

The main benefit provide 9 essential Amino Acids, Omega 3, 6 and without any cholesterol. Dietary fiber can help with diegestsystem. It also rich in Vitamin B, E&minerals that human body needed. The product suitable for Infants or young children, pregnant women, vegetarian, athletes, elderly, lactose intolerance, diabetic and heart disease patients. Children from 3 years old for a source of energy protein, minerals and pytochemical. Female&Pregnant Woman-Balanced iron good for blood, recovery of pregnant woman body and increase breast milk. Anemia patients who need more balance diet containing iron. This product use millet which is high in iron in it's formula. The combination of all ingredients, and beneficial bacteria, can be easily absorbed by our body. It may improve appetite, nourish kidney, spleen, stomach and provide dietary fiber and nutrient for absorption. 



适合对象有婴幼儿,孕妇,素食者,运动员,老年人,对乳糖敏感者,糖尿病和心脏病等病患者。  成长中的青少年从三岁开始至青少年作为补充能量,丰富优质的蛋白质,矿物质与维生素促进活力来源。 女性与孕妇 补充均衡营养与铁质,成分中有滋补血的功效,使孕妇更快恢复体质及增加乳汁。贫血者需要补充更均衡的营养,尤其是含铁食物,天然营养更完整而且容易吸收,此产品配方中采取原料以含铁量高,配合消化酵素与益菌的互助,使营养更完全被吸收,容光焕发。 中老年者 促进食欲,府脾养胃,滋养肾号,补虚损作用,膳食纤维有促于消化和营养吸收。

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