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Super Food Bilberry
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Brand Multi Grains Drink 谷类饮品
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Age Macular Degeneration(AMD) is deterioration or breakdown of the eye and macula in retina,strat with blurred at central vision,become a dark or empty area appearing in the center of vision.Cataract is aging of the eye and accumulated of dead cell on the lens,sight become blurred.


HeiHwang Bilberry Powder helps on eye health, it will helps to decrease the risk of eye damage as the blue light cause macular degeneration disease and helps to reduce eye fatigue and glare sensitivity.


Bilberry VS Blueberry

Blueberry and Bilberry: they look almost alike.Both of them are blue,round bit,but they are vastly different in term of nutrition strength.


Bilberries are

-higher vitamin C and E content than in cultivated blueberry

-very high content of anthocyanin ,4 times higher than in cultivated blueberry.

According to UMMC,the key substances in bilberry,anthocyanosides,can help improve circulation,build strong blood vessels and prevent blood platelets from sticking together.

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